Baking Soda for Acne Scars

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Baking Soda for Acne ScarsCommon areas where acne develops are the face, the chest and the back of the body. Acne begins to develop in these areas when there are many dead skin cells and the pores are clogged with bacteria causing blackheads, pimples and cysts. When these breakouts have drained, they often leave marks on your face. These acne marks can be minimized by using baking soda. Baking soda is capable of removing dead cells from the skin surface and is considered a natural product for exfoliating your skin.

Can baking soda helps minimize scars caused by acne?

While baking soda may be able to minimize the appearance of acne scars of some people, it does not work with other people. This is because people have different types of skin. While it is possible to work great for some skin types, it may have little or none at all to other types of skin. But if you are suffering from these skin conditions, nothing will be lost if you give this treatment a try.

When baking soda is applied on your skin, your skin pores are opened and the uppermost layer of your skin is removed. This layer usually contains the dead skin cells, oil secretions and dust that have accumulated over time. Using baking soda will help prevent the formation of acne. Baking soda does not contain any harmful ingredient to cause side effects, making it a safe treatment for your acne breakouts. Unlike formulated skin care products which can contain chemicals that could be harmful to your skin.

How to apply baking soda when used as acne treatment

It is best to buy another pack of baking soda for this purpose. Do not use the one you are already using for your kitchen purposes. Store this other package in a different place so you do not mix them or interchange for use. Better if you just store this baking soda for your acne treatment in the bathroom for easy accessibility.

After thoroughly washing your face with soap and warm water, you are now ready to apply the baking soda. This procedure will help loosen all types of dirt present in your face.

Get an ample amount of baking soda and turn it into a paste. You can do this by putting about a teaspoon or two of baking soda in a small bowl and put one drop of water. Mix them into a paste.

Massage this paste on your skin with your finger. While this may feel a little rough on your skin, it is actually better in removing the dead skin cells. Massaging the skin allows better blood circulation and it also helps reduce the appearance of the scars as well as prevent further breakouts of acne.


Acne Scars And Its Causes

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cause of acne scarsAcne refers to the common human skin condition that is characterized by scaly red skin, black heads, whiteheads, pinheads, large papules, and some times scarring. The condition might leave some scars and is a great cause of a reduced self-esteem. Acne in adolescence is caused by an increase in hormones such as testosterone which occurs when an individual is at puberty regardless of their sex. Acne mostly affects areas such as the upper part of the back, the chests and the face. The worst effect that acne can cause is the scarring which remains with the individual for some time.

Who Is At Risk Of Acne Scars?

Some people who suffer from acne are likely to see scars when the acne clears. The risk is however increased by a number of factors such as inflammation acne like nodules and acne cysts. This kind of acne has an ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and thus causes damage. The delay or neglect of inflammatory acne can increase the risk of getting scars. An individual with blood relatives who have acne scars is at a greater risk of developing the scars if they get acne. Though the factors increasing the risk of acne scars are known, it is impossible to predict those that will get the scarring even where all the risk factors are evident.

What causes Acne Scars?

There are different types of acne and some can penetrate deep into the skin and damage the tissues under the visible skin. The reaction of the body will be similar to when there is a deep cut or an injury. The healing process will include a repair of the damaged tissues and this is what will result in a scar. The healing process is enhanced by the collagen released by the body. Collagen is a substance aimed at giving the skin some support and in cases where there is too little or too much collagen, a scar will occur.

The type of acne scar that will occur on the skin will heavily depend on the type of acne an individual is suffering from and the amount of collagen that the body will produce as an effort to repair the damage cause by the acne. If too little collagen is produced by the body as a measure to prepare the tissues, then there will be a depression acne scar. In some cases, the body will over produce the collagen and this means that there will be a raised scar. These kinds of scars are more common in Hispanic, Asians and African America.

There are many different treatments offered to reduce the scarring. To reduce the chances of getting acne scars, you should try to prevent the inflammatory breakouts as much as possible. You will have to consult a dermatologist who will further advice you on how well to deal with these breakouts. Sometimes even the best of treatments may lead to the development of scars but there are effective procedures that can be used to reduce the intensity of the scars.

Skin Tag Info

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skin tagsFor some reason, the falsehoods appears to be circling occasionally that is leading some individuals to think salicylic acid will certainly work for skin tag removal. How to get rid of skin tags the safe way.

This is not something you ‘d wish to attempt, as skin tags belong to the pulp of an acid and the skin such as salicylic would just trigger the tag to end up being inflamed and it would be rather uncomfortable. After triggering discomfort, they would not fall off anyhow.

Moles, acne, facial imperfections, and other such dermatology conditions are typically treated with salicylic acid.

The normal therapy utilized by your skin specialist to obtain rid of tags is going to be cryotherapy, or just to freeze them. They will not fall off instantly however will certainly after a couple of days to a week.

The response is that yes, it’s possible if you have a very little tag. These could work rather well for a tag unless it is rather big in which case you will most likely really want to have it skillfully eliminated.

Skin tag removal is finest achieved by your doctor, however in many cases, home remedies can work just as well and they are less costly too.

Heal acne fast and naturally with the right diet and home remedies

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Due to the lot of changes in everyday lifestyle and food diet, people are facing many health problems like anxiety, depression, inflammation, blackheads, skin allergies, acne scars and many problems which have made them more irritated with life. In case of Acne, it makes the skin rough and proves to be impossible to maintain a clear skin which requires proper treatment in a natural way. If you are suffering from acne for years but found no solution to cure, then you have very easy, simple, natural and effective tips to follow at home and cure the problem absolutely in an incredible way.

Are you ready to follow the home remedies and natural treatments to Acne? Every person is excited to hear about the effective acne treatments and try it for the better results. Here are the remedies to heal acne in a cheap way.

  • Cut half a lemon and gently rub on the acne prone areas which attack the bacteria that cause acne. It may give a stinging feel, but it works. After rinsing with water, use sunscreen to maintain the pH balance of the skin. Follow this every alternate day to get rid of the acne.
  • Slice a potato into half and rub on the Acne as the raw potato slice has the properties to heal due to the anti inflammatory properties in it. Wash face after 10 minutes and see the results.
  • You can try egg yolk oil as it has the immunoglobulins to kill the bacteria. Use twice a day and massage gently on the face for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse off after an hour with a mild face wash.

Above all, it is essential to maintain right diet and exercise as whatever you eat affects your skin and health. Cut back carbohydrates and excessive sugar and try to have natural sugar like fruits which are all right to include in diet without any negligence? In case, if you are habituated of drinking more beverages and soft drinks, then replace them with plain water as your skin requires more water to function in a proper way. Maintain the habit of drinking green tea and herbal teas every morning and evening in little quantity as this does wonders on the Acne problem presenting changes and improvement in your skin.

Get the materials you need to keep skin fresh

The first and the most essential thing you require is a mild face wash with natural and organic ingredients in it which reduces the redness of the acne. Always keep your wash cloth separate as sharing the same may worsen the problem by getting more bacteria onto your skin. Moisturize every time you wash your face as it helps to give a soft feel to your skin with a healthy and vibrant look.

If you are not used to moisturizers and never used any, then find according to your skin type as moisturizers are essential to maintain the pH balance of your skin and give a fresh and younger look every time.